Paint Usage

Paint usage

Different surface uses different paint formula to serve it’s purpose of protecting the surface.


Girl Interior Painting

Interior Painting

Home painting beautify your place and make everyone feel happier, and act as a layer of protections to reduce wear and tear.

Prepare your surface with the appropriate treatment before painting. Paint last longer and looks better on clean surfaces.


Bungalow Exterior Painting

Exterior Painting

Exterior wall expose to the mercy of weather, cracks is the most common problem face. Paints is like a shirt that protects the wall from extensive damage cause by the nature.

Wooden Floor Painting

Wood Paint

Painting of wood protect your it from rotting, keeping its beauty. Furthermore wood will also gradually degrade when it is exposed to sunlight thus a layer of protections will keep your wood in good shape for longer run.

Paint Spraying

Spray Paint

It doesn’t leave any brush stroke, and more durable than latex paint, spraying is relatively easier and fast and can be spray on most surface.